Good evening, everyone!

You SHOULD get an e-mail earlier this week from our wonderful president Andrea about pretty important things for those of you who are interested in being part of Project SEEE. 

First off, if you haven't done so, it is SUPER MEGA IMPORTANT that you complete this form by SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 so that we can assign you to your group and teacher. =)

Secondly, we have a set date and time for our first general meeting! Yay! Mark your calendars for 6:30-7:30 pm Tuesday, September 24 in Welch 2.304. It would be great if you could attend because this will be the meeting that you do not want to miss! You'll be assigned your groups and get the idea of what we do. Food and refreshments will be provided to motivate you to attend! 

Lastly, if you're not receiving e-mails from us, e-mail me and let me know ASAP so that I can put you on our subscription list; besides this cool website and Facebook, e-mails will also help us keep you updated. We promise not to spam you; you'll probably get a couple of e-mails a month. 

That's about it. Again, if you have any questions or concerns, e-mail me, leave us a comment below, or leave a post on our Facebook page. 

Happy Sunday!

I know some people have contacted me or other officers about not being able to make it to any of the info sessions, but that's a-okay! The info sessions are just informational sessions for people who want to know more about who we are and what we stand for. 

In case you DID miss it, and you don't know anything about Project SEEE, you can look at our What We Do page or our Who We Are page, or I can give you the abridged version here:

Project SEEE is a UT volunteer organization. We volunteer weekly at a local elementary school by preparing and presenting super cool and super fun science experiments for elementary school children to get engaged and get curious about learning. We also volunteer at different UT events which involves elementary school students. Our members are not specifically science majors, and it ranges from business to biology. As long as you enjoy being around children, you'll enjoy being part of Project SEEE. It doesn't take much time out of your week either, and it feels rewarding in the end. =)

Keep your eyes peeled, and I will keep you updated on latest info about our first general meeting. If possible, THIS would be the meeting you don't want to miss! At this meeting, we get your info and your time availability during the week and group you together with a teacher and grade. 

If you have any questions, just shoot me an email. Also, don't forget to join our Facebook group so that it's easier for me to remind you of an event =)

Have a great Sunday!
Evening, guys!

So we have the set time, place, and dates for the Project SEEE info sessions for those of you who are interested in what we are all about!

Come see us tomorrow, Tuesday, September 3, 7-8 PM in SSB 4.212.
(Link for Facebook Event)

Can't make it? Don't worry, there's another info session on Tuesday, September 10, 7-8 PM in the SSB Lobby.

Also, food and drinks will be provided!! So there is no excuse to miss it! 

Hope to see y'all there!

Hey, guys! Lucy here!

Again, thanks for your interest in being part of Project S.E.E.E. (no, that's not a typo!). S.E.E.E. actually stands for Science Enrichment in Elementary Education. 

Remember all of those experiments that you did when you were in elementary school? Do you remember how cool it was?! Well, we bring that experience to elementary-aged students. Project S.E.E.E. is a U.T. student volunteer organization that demonstrates super awesome elementary science experiments at the local elementary school. 

And believe me, they enjoy EVERY experiment. Not only are they adorable, but they can also be sweet, and the experience is very rewarding. 

Not only that, but we also participate in Explore Texas and other events at The University of Texas!

But if you would like to know more about Project S.E.E.E. and about what we do, come by our info sessions and our first general meeting!

September 3- (time and place TBD)
September 10- (time and place TBD)

September 17- (time and place TBD)


Hey everyone! So, as you can see, all of our information about the group is available in different links at the top row: who we are, how to get involved, and even science experiment ideas. However, we also thought that creating a blog about certain events or tips on experiments, etc. might be nice, so this is where we may post any of that stuff when the time comes. Thanks for visiting! :)

Webmaster, Project S.E.E.E.